A tailor-made solution for each situation

Connecting companies and persons, to make them successful, when working together

Connecting interests

We select the best partners for your business, finding the most adapted associate; to develop sales into the market-segment…you are looking for

Market survey

Tailor-made market survey. Who is who, discovering the actual market needs, the effective and the latent demand where your products and services can fit in

Round-tables & Promotional events

Inviting the stakeholders, structuring the agenda, finding an inspiring place and organizing the event all services included

Financial screening & assessment

Making an advanced and accurate financial evaluation of the potential candidates for an honest partnership. Screening the needed financial tools, allowing the parts to close the deal

Logistics & Administration services

Building and supporting the logistics processes, import / export / transportation / invoicing and money collection supervision

Value-added meetings

Creating the opportunity for the most effective business meetings and fixing the appointments

Marketing support

Translation and adaptation of the marketing support documents, brochures, catalogues, tech-documentation

Translation assistance

Confidential translation services in business meetings

Legal assessment

Local law assessment to fulfill the EU and country Merchant regulations

After-sales assistance

Commercial partners follow-up, warranty conditions guidance, sales channel motivation that you are looking for

Let us invite you to get in touch, to find out together, how we can cooperate